LimeSurvey is retiring. Hello Qualtrics!

As of December, 31 2013 LimeSurvey is no longer available, and has been replaced with Qualtrics. If you have surveys or survey data that you need to retrieve from LimeSurvey, send a request to or call 218-477-2603. A LimeSurvey administrator will contact you with the information you request.

To access our Qualtrics survey software, go to and access your account with your DragonNet credentials.


FAQ regarding the retirement of LimeSurvey

When is LimeSurvey going to be retired? December 31, 2013. After that date, LimeSurvey users will be redirected to this redirect page.

What happens to the surveys and survey data that were created in LimeSurvey? The Surveys and survey data will be archived for 5 years. LimeSurvey users won’t be able to access their surveys or the survey data from the historic LimeSurvey URL. However, they can request that information by sending an email to  Because of the volume of surveys created in LimeSurvey, be sure to include the name of the survey. A LimeSurvey admin will pull that information and send it to the person making the request.

How do I access the new MSUM survey software? Go to and login with your DragonNet login & password.

Where can I get more information about the new survey software? Go to  where you can also watch a 2 minute “Getting Started” video, IRB information, and tutorials.